Six Month Novel

From idea to complete first draft in just six months...

The Six Month Novel¬†is a program for writers built by writers. Charlie from Urban Writers’ Retreat and I created it to help you get that first draft out of your head and on paper. What that means is we run a month long plotting bootcamp (an intense month filled with worksheets and questions about your characters and voice and plot) with a plot review from us at the end; four months of cheerleading while you sit down in that chair and write; and a month long editing bootcamp (where I teach you how to tackle that first draft and wrangle it into something more workable) with a review of your first 3,000 words from me.

Do you have an idea you want to write but you just can’t stay motivated?

Do you think accountability and a community of fellow writers would help you along? (They do, I promise.)

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We might be pushy and carry a whip to make sure you get that writing done, but we don’t bite…that hard.