I feel the way I did when I graduated college: completely lost. At that time I was looking for a job because I had gotten married the day after my graduation, and my husband was still in school. My parents were lovely and let us live in their mother-in-law suite. But every job I found was either not in Colorado or required experience. I got to a point where I was going to start my own proofreading business, but that didn’t bring in enough money. I ended up working for my dad as a veterinary technician. Not exactly the kind of experience an English major needs. But it was a very good job and I loved it.

Now we’ve moved to Germany and I’m kind of repeating the steps over again. I don’t have much to do here, and when I get bored I get depressed and cranky. I’m one of those people that has to be constantly doing something. Hence, I had three other jobs to supplement the full-time one with my dad.

I have a lot I would like to do. I would love to work for a publishing company and edit novels. I would love to continue building the wedding photography business with my friend back in Colorado. I would love to make my etsy shop work and be a creator. But I can’t edit in German, my friend is in Colorado not Germany, and the shipping and overhead costs from Germany are insane! Am I making excuses? Let me remedy that.

I have reopened the idea of being a freelance proofreader. Any etsians out there that want your blog posts proofed before they go live? Or do you have a newsletter you want an experienced editor to glance over? I can do that.

I’m also going to make some fliers and hang them up on the bases and in English stores around Stuttgart to see if anyone wants a portrait photographer. I’ve found that shooting people is really what I love to do. Engagements, families, actors and musicians, really I’ll take anybody.

The etsy store is not completely lost, I’m still researching possibilities. Hang in there with me while I work on it.