I have opened a poll on the side of the blog. I’m wondering if you like answers to your comments. Some comments of course don’t really need an answer. But some do. If you are a new follower and you leave a comment, do you like to hear from the blog writer or is that annoying? Do you come back and check the comments to see if the blog writer has answered you there, or do you click the box that says you can receive emails of consecutive comments? Would you like an email from the blog writer if he/she feels the need to answer you? Would you like to see blog posts answering comments or questions every once in a while?

I’m not saying I would answer every single comment. I don’t want to be fake. If I were to answer them it would be a sincere answer that I felt the need to say. But I feel like some of you start a conversation with me and I don’t hit the ball back. So I want to see exactly what you think. I’ll leave the poll open for two weeks, maybe a month. I need some substantial feedback to make my decision on this. And feel free to leave comments!