Today turned into a little bit of a hectic mess. I went to register for German classes, expecting to start on November 30th. But the teacher asked me what I knew and asked if I wanted to start tomorrow since I’m at the level of the current class. I’ve only missed the first chapter, and I already know everything in it. So, I spent the afternoon hunting for the book. I didn’t find it at the first two stores, ugh. So Albert and I went to Konigstrasse to the big buchhaus and found it. Now I have to spend tonight going through the first chapter.

I have decided to re-open my shop. Since I don’t quite have the shipping figured out over here, I will just be offering downloads for now. But I’ve got some fun stuff just waiting to pop out of your printer. Here’s a little peek…

Check out my store this Saturday for the Re-Opening Sale, where I will be offering 10% off and a coupon for 20% off on your next purchase!

Ironically, after being bored for my first few weeks here, I have again loaded my schedule beyond anything relaxing. I will have German classes from 8 in the morning to noon everyday. I’m still working on my novel for NaNoWriMo. I’m still working for a publisher. And I’m planning on opening shop this weekend. How do I manage to do that? The dinners might lack a little something these coming weeks, and Albert will just have to forgive me.