Jessica Bell’s literary novel String Bridge is about everyday life and the things we need to give up to live it. The main character, Melody, is a wife and mother who isn’t sure she wants to be doing that, she wants to be a musician.

Being as it’s literary fiction there doesn’t seem to be much going on, but the pace is fast. And by not much going on I mean that it’s normal everyday stuff like decisions on what to say to your husband when he does something annoying and whether or not to accept a job promotion. I certainly don’t mean that the book is boring, because boring it isn’t. I want to know Melody. I hope that she becomes my best friend. I’m intrigued by her story and can’t put it down without thinking about it until I pick it up again.
The first hint of a turning point in Melody’s character is when she looks at her guitar again, and it is rich and flavorful, like a cool glass of water with a lime in it. I was just beginning to get sick of her whining (even though I could see her point). The pace is absolutely perfect because I’m frustrated when I should be.
Jessica’s writing embeds a kernel of pure joy in me at moments. I feel radiant. And at other moments I feel completely depressed and frustrated. The way she writes pulls the emotion from the page and makes it real.
I’m not so sure about the ending. I’m a melodramatic person and wanted it to end sooner with a little less happiness. It was a nice, solid ending. But I’m just a dark person who likes to see people suffer.

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