The Book by Jessica Bell is an account of life through the eyes of a diary. A little girl is born and her parents decide to share their thoughts in a journal. As she ages, the reader sees how the parents grow apart and then the reader hears the girl’s voice. The reader experiences through the child’s voice, and it is very authentic.

The Book by Jessica Bell book cover

Oh my goodness. You should feel the chills creeping down my back. That book, wow. Such distinct and lovable voices. The mother is definitely a mother but is somewhat self-absorbed and stuck in a rut. I loved the mother even in all her flawed glory. The father chimes in only once in a while and he has such a strong but pompous voice. And I love Bonnie, the little girl. She was so honest and cute. Her knowledge and wisdom are a bit astounding.

Jessica really managed to show everything even though it was being told. I was held captive the entire time. By entire time I mean that I read the novella in just a few hours because I couldn’t stop. Seriously, goose bumps all up and down my arms. This is very stunning work yet again from Jessica. Go get this one, right now.