How do you sleep? And do you know what it says about you? This week I want to know

Three things about…
 the way you sleep.
1.    On my side curled up. What does that mean?
2.    I make ‘happy noises’ when my husband gets in bed after I’m asleep. Which are basically grunts to say that I’m happy he’s cuddling with me. It’s completely unknown to me, but it’s what he tells me.
3.    I have nightmares if I watch horror movies. (Usually I’m the main character trying to solve the movie over and over and over.) And sometimes nightmares make me talk, or when I was a child: walk.
So do you sleep on your back spread eagle? Do you have nightmares? Or how about multiple dreams a night that you remember vividly? What makes you you in the way you sleep?
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