I’m sick today. Everyone in my office has been sick, and I was really hoping not to catch it. I think I was successful considering what I have is nothing like what they had! So there’s my positive spin on being home sick. Now I want to know what are your favorite things to do when you’re sick.

Three things about…

what you do when you’re sick.

1.    Read. I can never pass up a chance to read more. I devour books when I’m sick because I’m in bed anyways. It turns into a wonderful thing, unless I feel so awful that I can’t concentrate on the words. Then it’s a really bad day.
2.    Watch favorite childhood movies. This is when I pull out Aladdin and Robin Hood. Notice I’m not really into the princess movies. They are just complete airheads, and I can’t stand it. I need intelligent women in my movies.
3.    Catching up on house stuff like the mail and little errands. For instance today I signed up for a new internet service online. I should clean the house…but that’s a little too labor intensive for how I feel right now. Maybe later.

Tell me your three things in the comments or leave a link to your own blog post.