If you haven’t heard already, we are moving to Belgium. My friends here in Stuttgart are begging me not to go (I feel so loved) but we will probably move back here in about six months or so. It’s a quick there and back again. (Random side note: hate that The Hobbit will be three movies. Hate. Hate. Hate.)

Here are some photos of our new house. We got the keys yesterday and I’m dying to decorate. We don’t move until next week though. Need to pack a few things and tear down the house this weekend and then watch the movers put it all away on Monday.

My new office. 

The living room/dining room/kitchen 

A real fireplace! 

Oh man I can’t wait to enjoy the sunshine (what little there is) out here. 

Upstairs guest bedroom. 

Upstairs main bedroom. (There’s another room between these two that we’ll kind of use as a catchall I guess.) We have closets!