Porkchopshow has offered to give-away a set of hand-made wooden typewriter keys. What a cool set to make some crafts with! So these four photos have one thing in common, guess what it is in the comments to be entered to win. Contest open until Friday. Usually when I think I’ve picked some harder stuff I’m wrong, but since I think this week is hard I will give you a hint and you also do not have to answer correctly just honestly. (Don’t say duck when there is no picture of a duck.) You can view the items by clicking on the photos and visit the shops by clicking on the shop names.

Hint: I’m working on a project for my office wall. I will be doing a lot of ________ in that office on my computer and in notebooks.




If you have an etsy shop and would like to have a give-away for one of your items, let me know! I will feature you in another Word of the Week and display an ad for you on the side of my blog for two weeks.