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When you’ve finished your labor of love (or even if it isn’t complete yet), let me know and we’ll take it through the meat grinder…ahem…what I mean is, we’ll polish it to perfection.

I will always give you a sample edit before we commit to any contract. Feel free to send me your first 900-1,500 words when you email to inquire about pricing and availability, and I’ll get back to you asap with my answers to your questions.


You are in need of an editor. Trust me, you are. In order to compete in today’s book publishing world, you need professional eyes looking through your hard work. I am passionate about publishing books, about indie authors, about everything to do with the written word. Let’s work together to make sure your manuscript can hold its own against the multitude.

With self-publishing you will also need to consider typesetting, ebook formatting, and cover design. I am your woman for the job. I can give you an all-around finished product, ready to upload to your distributors (and I can even help with that process if you are totally lost). I am proficient in InDesign, Photoshop, html coding, and indie publishing knowledge. If you can dream up a funky layout, I can make it happen. Let’s do this.


$1.10 per 250 words

Spell check missed something; you don’t quite understand how commas work; you want a second set of eyes to quickly glance over your work.

Spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors

Incorrectly structured sentences

Misspelled words

Typographical errors

Copy Edit

$2.00 per 250 words 

This step comes after serious revision and good feedback from beta readers or an editor. It’s a more in depth edit going line-by-line to perfect every sentence.

Spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors

Incorrectly structured sentences

Misspelled words

Typographical errors

Fix formatting

Check facts

Keep an eye on consistency

Point out repetition

Address awkward or wooden dialogue


$1.80 per 250 words 

When you’ve just finished a book and you need to better understand the overall idea of your work, I will read through and make sure it follows a good arc and that the characters stay consistent throughout. You’ll receive an editorial letter at the end with my reactions as a reader, things that are missing, ideas for filling those holes, things that should be cut, and so much more.

Conflict and tension


Plot issues

Point-of-view problems

Showing versus telling

Point out unnecessary scenes

And so much more

Print Typeset

$250 (artwork is additional) 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you want your book to be aesthetically pleasing so the reader is lost in your world, not in the formatting. I have training in InDesign. I also have extensive training in Microsoft Word, so if we need to make a simpler version, I can do that as well. When complete I will export it to a print-ready PDF. I also make sure the file follows the guidelines set out by whichever printer you have chosen.

Ebook Format


The ebook is an entirely new world. It seems simple to churn out a document to upload to ereaders, but do you know how to code HTML and CSS? Do you understand how to make a book really work for you when it shows up in different ereaders? I know how to do that, and I can do it for you. I can give you the base html file itself, or I can produce different formats for different ereaders. I can follow the submission guidelines of any of the publishers, including Smashwords, and produce an ebook that formats well. There won’t be any weird page breaks or funny symbols instead of curly quote marks. I can make your book beautiful even in digital form.

Cover Design

$165 (artwork is additional)

Don’t judge a book by its cover… except everyone does.

You need that flair, that fancy thumbnail, that “it” factor to draw attention to your book. Though we can talk about stock images, I am also a photographer, so if possible I can create custom images. We can also talk about commissioning artwork from artists and illustrators. I have training in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. With a discussion about a concept you’d like to pursue, design, and three rounds of alterations, we’ll produce a cover that perfectly conveys the content of your book.

Discounts and Offers

I can offer a complete package for any, or all, of the above services, just let me know what you need. I have experience with any and all of it – editing, typesetting, ebook formatting, cover design – and we can work together to produce a set of files ready for upload to your retailer or distributor.

I have worked in US dollars, euros, and British pounds for many of my jobs. Having lived in three different countries, I understand the need for currency comparison in this wide new world. I can work in dollars, euros, pounds, and many other currencies as I accept payment through PayPal.

Book Doctor

Are you lost in a manuscript draft that isn’t necessarily ready to publish yet? Have too many rabbit trails meandering through your plot and wreaking havoc? Please email me if you would like some help. I charge a flat fee of $400 to help find your story. This is for a read-through of up to 100,000 words (more than that and we’ll make an adjustment to match your needs), an extensive editorial letter outlining the problems I see and how you could possibly fix them, and two sessions of discussion. If you have a draft that you don’t think I should read, or you only have an idea that you’ve worked extensively on, I can work with a plot outline instead.

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