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I know story. (I’m an editor.)

I know design. (Typesetting is my passion.)

I can’t wait to discover your creation, your world and characters, and help you present them to your readers flawlessly.

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Working with Amie is a dream! She is always flexible, understanding, super smart, and doesn’t shy away from being tough. In addition to her unwavering encouragement, Amie’s passion for the project, the client, and the work is unmistakable. She is adamant that the writer succeed, grow in their craft, and find their way to those two beautiful, elusive words in any manuscript, “The End.”

Tulika Mehrotra

I worked with Amie on my debut novel (after taking part in the Six Month Novel program which spawned said debut novel!) and it’s subsequent follow up. She provided such insightful developmental edits and also turned around a proofread in super quick time. I really enjoy working with Amie as it feels more like a partnership and we’re both working towards the same goal. Amie has realistic turnaround times and also excellent rates! Amie also bestowed a sense of confidence in me about my writing and I know that I am only getting better with her feedback!

Julie Archer

My experience with Amie has been great. She’s always timely and has given me a fantastic amount of feedback on my novels. My books wouldn’t have anywhere near the quality they do without her help. Beyond her editorial services, her ebook formatting is quick and visually satisfying. I definitely recommend Amie’s talents, they’ve been a huge help.

Rane Guthrie

Amie is easy to work with, provides insightful and detailed edits, does quick proofreads, and adds reader comments, giving me useful tips into the mind of potential new fans. I love that I can work with her on developing a cover that blends perfectly with the book because she’s read it and can offer new ideas I may not have considered. That is a big plus for me. Plus, her cover concepts are awesome. Add to that her quick turnaround times and reasonable rates, and it’s a big win-win. I’d highly recommend her for whatever you need. She’s a one stop shop that will help you develop as a writer and make your book beautiful.

J.T. Bishop

Amie’s edits absolutely improved my manuscript. She has a knack for cutting needless phrases and was tremendous at spotting missing words and correcting mistakes. Even more, I appreciated her comments, which were helpful and really made me think about certain aspects of my story. On top of that, she got the job done with time to spare. I was very impressed!

Joseph Finley

Amie was great to work with. She delivered the project with a tight deadline, and helped ensure everything was perfect.

John (Simonstone Publishing)

Amie did an amazing job formatting my book and guiding me through the process, which initially made me quite nervous. I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders as Amie was so professional and easy to work with. I will definitely use her services again!

Saija Mahon
Author, Mentor, Entrepreneur
This was my first experience in writing a book. To be honest it was the last thing I ever intended to do.
That being said, the word typesetting was not in my vocabulary. As I browsed the web I came across Amie McCracken’s website and I was immediately pulled in. The way she described her love for books and the art form of typesetting, I knew instantly I wanted to work with her.
Little did I know how else she could help me. I had a lot of questions for her and she answered everything in great detail and patience. I truly  do not know how I would have gotten through this without her. The end result was more than I had ever anticipated, but even more so was working with Amie herself.
She is authentic in her approach and truly wants to help create something amazing.
Kori Clausen

Working with Amie is a joy. She sees what I want to achieve with my work and helps me get there, making it feel more like a partnership than an editing process.

Paul Anthony Shortt

Amie’s professional guidance and creative views helped take my work to the next level and ensure my confidence that all of my projects were the best they could be.

Jillian Amodio

Amie does beautiful, professional work. Her interior designs are creative, thoughtful, and stunning to look at. She takes what could be considered relatively standard design and turns it into a work of art. She is a pleasure to work with – always going above and beyond to accommodate her clients down to every detail and punctuation mark. Hire Amie for any of your book related needs. You will not regret it!

Kelly Surette

Amie is a wonderful editor, and I very much enjoyed the experience. I want to thank her for holding me accountable for anything that did not work. And for holding my hand through everything I did not know.

Sean Patrick Smith

Working with Amie has taken my book to a whole new level. Without her priceless skills and support, publishing independently in the premium-color travel guide segment would have been suicide. The competition is dire and the book needed to look impeccable. Which it does! I am grateful and indebted to her for her patience in sorting out the various incompatibilities with the self-publishing platforms and for the amazing finished product I now hold in my hands!

Andreea Sepi

Amie did a great job of copy editing Hollywood Gossip. Her feedback was clear and helpful. She edited it super fast, too! I’d definitely recommend Amie to other authors looking for a copy editor.

Kristina Adams

I just completed my first children’s novel with Amie’s expert guidance, and it was a pleasure! She typeset the whole thing so it worked beautifully together.  She shared some very valuable character insights that led to revisions and improvements. She’s also meticulous about the copy editing, which I needed!

Marianne Flanagan

Amie McCracken is a true professional. She keeps her word and doesn’t hold back when something is “off,” but speaks the truth with kindness and instruction. Amie held my hand through the entire process without complaint, always willing to go the extra mile. I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again.

Annie M. Cole

I gave Amie an impossible formatting job: to create lively ebooks for teens. She treated the work as an interesting challenge, was book-wise in her technical choices, speedy and professional in communication and delivery. If you’re wondering what professional formatting could do for your book, give it to Amie! She is also fun to work with and not only took away my formatting headaches but added quality way beyond my skills – result, top quality product!

Jean Gill

Amie is hard-working and conscientious, and is capable of meeting tight deadlines. I always feel that she is a safe pair of hands to take on any project I present her. She is a valuable and reliable editor, and I recommend her highly.

Jessica Bell