I’m Amie McCracken: editor, typesetter, and general all-around book nerd extraordinaire.

Publishing is changing rapidly, and as an indie author YOU are the revolution.

It’s an incredible time to be writing. But if you’re serious about having a career as an author, your books need to be great, not just good. Readers notice sloppy mistakes, timeline errors, and saggy storylines, and they’re increasingly unforgiving. The problem is: you’re too close to your own work to pick up on the mistakes or see what will make it great.

Or maybe you haven’t published anything yet, but you’ve written a novel.

The thing is, how do you know if it’s good enough? You can ask other people but, let’s face it, your mom isn’t the picture of objectivity, and friends might be too worried about upsetting you to say what’s really wrong. Agents are too busy to give feedback, so the chances are you’ll never get anything but a standard rejection email if it isn’t right for them. How are you supposed to find out how to make it better?

This is where I come in.

My job is to help you turn your manuscript into the best novel it can be. I do that by giving clear, constructive feedback on what is and isn’t working both in your story arc and in the little details. With my help you’ll be able to complete a book you’re truly proud of.

I love helping books come into the world. I’m knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and efficient. And I love, love, love editing.

I know what it’s like to be a writer.

I know the publishing industry. I know story. I’ve been swimming in books my whole life and have experience of the spectrum from small publishers to traditional publishers that you can draw on. I’ve analyzed and critiqued hundreds of storylines, character arcs, narrative voices, and there’s always a writing book or two on my nightstand and a manuscript in progress on my laptop.

Sometimes we all need a pair of outside eyes. I’m the person who can help you identify what’s wrong with your novel, and because I’m also a writer I know how to give straightforward commentary and praise.

I’m an imaginist, with a lot of ideas floating around in my head and a long list of places still to visit. I’m fascinated by the little moments in life, whether they’re painful or perfect, exhilarating or dull, and I capture them in words. I’m rarely seen without a laptop full of words or a book, and there’s a possibility I might be addicted to tea.