It’s time to count up the books I read in 2010. It doesn’t feel like that many since it was hard to find English books here, but I think it’s actually a pretty good number. I’ll give a list of the books I read with a little review of what I thought. Also 1-5 stars depending on how much I liked it. We’ll start with a count, and in a later post I’ll begin the reviews.

I still have one week left to add some to the list!

Reread books: 11
Non-Fiction: 8
YA: 30
Fiction: 50
Total: 57

Last year I read 60 books. So 57 is actually pretty good. I think I could have read a ton more if I had the Kindle way earlier, as I’ve breezed through a lot of those books in the last month. I will mix in a review of my Kindle somewhere in the blog posts of what books I’ve read this year.