Broken City by D.D. Chant is a post-apocalyptic novel. Financial ruin forces the world into tribes fighting amongst themselves for survival. Deeta, the main character, has quite the adventure that opens her eyes not only to the world she has been kept hidden from, but also to love.

Broken City by D.D. Chant book cover

This was one of those wild rides where I felt like I needed to close my eyes and simply hang on for the pleasure of it. The story didn’t really get going until almost halfway through, but at that point I didn’t want to stop. The characters were very engaging (I absolutely love Deeta’s sister Jan, she is a hoot!), the world was intriguing with its history and murder plots and all-out war, and the love story was so natural I couldn’t help but smile when they finally, finally kissed.

But (and this might be a big but) my editor’s eyes could not get past a lot of things. There were typos, forgivable, but then there were run-on sentences. I think I actually found an instance of too much showing. I was drowning for such a long time in the non-information that I almost gave up.

I am so glad I didn’t, because once I turned off my brain and just enjoyed the ride I really liked it.

I received this book from the author for review.