I went to see a movie by myself. It felt a bit mental, particularly asking for just one ticket; having a row to myself; and laughing/crying out loud.But wow it was one of the most liberating experiences. And it happened to be a really good movie. (About Time if you’re wondering.)A while later I took a trip to London. By myself but not alone. I had so many friends to visit that I wasn’t getting proper sleep, but I was there on my own. It was the first time I’d stayed in a place that’s not a friend’s house. It’s the third time I took a plane by myself. Wow was it wonderful. I stressed about it the day before (like no kidding panic attacks and considering not going and all that jazz), but as soon as I was there I got to wander into stores I passed without feeling like I was boring my husband or friends. I could sit in a cafe for ages and do nothing (in between meeting all my friends of course). I didn’t even feel that I was making decisions because they just happened as I was going. Without having to consider others I just went with the flow.

I really like this new form of independence I’ve found.