Chasing Paris by Jen Carter is one of those books that I will be highly recommending this year. It’s about a girl. Her biological grandmother dies, but all of her life she knew another woman as her grandmother. More and more secrets come out as she searches for the truth.

Chasing Paris by Jen Carter book cover

It’s about sisters. It’s about love. It’s about finding identity. It’s about understanding. This book is about so many things. And right from the beginning the reader is thrown into the story. The pace was simply perfect. And the multiple plots fit like puzzle pieces, but they weren’t so parallel that they were identical. The author gave away so many big secrets at the beginning of the story that I was worried the ending wouldn’t be a big revelation, that it would be played up too much for the hype it deserved. It deserved the hype. The ending wasn’t mind-blowing, but it wasn’t disappointing. It rang true and natural.

The characters really intrigued me. One reminded me of Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Kim, if you are wondering who I mean) and the others I simply couldn’t get enough of. I had a little trouble with the college boys, they weren’t quite ‘boy’ enough. They said things that were simply too sensitive for a college boy to say. I loved them nonetheless. One other pet peeve of mine, there were a lot of typos – missing words – and it threw me off, but not enough to dislike the story.

Honestly, you must read this book. It was a great escape for such a normal, everyday adventure.

I received this book from the author for review.