My friend’s Jessica Bell and Adam Byatt are celebrating their silliness (well, and their new book) with a giveaway. They’re writing a dictionary…well, a humorous dictionary. The definitions are a play on words, hence the name Degenerate Dictionary.

Okay, let’s have a bit of fun with words. You in? It’ll be short and sweet and funny.

I promise.

And you can win something for just having a bit of fun.

They are giving away two $20 Amazon gift cards.

Jessica is also throwing in any eBook of hers that you wish to have (i.e. ALL of them if you want them.)

There are two ways you can enter:

The FUN way:
Write an example sentence using one of their Degenerate Dictionary words and tweet it to @DegDic. The author of the sentence they like best will win a $20 gift card + Jessica’s books. With your permission, they will also include it in the book when it’s published. With credit of course!

Example tweet:
Everyone saw my sparkly string while waiting in the *stationary*. @DegDic Join in to win here: #giveaway

Note: When you tweet your example sentence, make sure the word in question is inside two asterisks, that the link is included, the #giveaway hash tag is included, and that the @DegDic handle is included. Otherwise they won’t see it. Don’t forget to replace the sentence with your own!

Enter the contest via the rafflecopter below. The winner selected via the rafflecopter will also win a $20 gift card + Jessica’s books.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You may enter both ways to double your chances.

Good luck! Please spread the word!