Author Susan Kaye Quinn is bringing serials back into fashion. And wow do I want to strangle her neck because I need more…right now! She launched the first episode of Debt Collector last week (the next one is tomorrow!) and blew my mind. It’s an adult series (which I’m psyched about) and it’s set to come out through nine different episodes. If you can force yourself to wait, she will package them as three small novels or the full series all in one. But I think I’ll be reading them piece by piece and tweeting at her constantly for more.

Delirium Debt Collector 1 by Susan Kaye Quinn book cover

These are my honest thoughts as I read through the story:

  • Noir
  • Great details
  • Edgy
  • Powerful
  • Emotional
  • Impactful
  • Beauty in agony
  • Unique yet familiar

Seriously, I could barely get a coherent thought out. I just kept reading, and when I reached the end I wanted to scream. I’m so excited for where this story could go. The suspense of a serial has me already marking my calendar to remember to snag the next one as soon as it’s up.

The concept is wicked cool (collecting and giving life like stocks on the market); the characters are harsh, engaging, and raw; and the fact that I have to wait for more is really killing me (can you tell?). So the suspense within this short story, that has it’s own ending as well as potential for more, is outstanding.

Give me more!

I received this book from the author for review.