My husband threw a surprise birthday party for me on Sunday. I knew something was going on but not when it would happen. I was so surprised that I simply blushed. I’m horribly shy and having people get together just for me was almost too much.

He’s so sweet and is taking me to the UK this weekend to see Jane Austen’s house, Stonehenge, Bath, and go horseback riding! He planned it all and I am soooooo excited.

So here’s my drabble this week to attempt to explain the feeling of a blush.

There was nothing that would sway her, nothing he could say. Her nerves were steel, and she wouldn’t let him do it to her again. But as the conversation went on, and the alcohol flowed, she started to relax and enjoy herself. Then he said that one perfect thing. She felt the blood go straight from her heart and into her face, the heat was overwhelming. Her fingers tingled, and her palms sweat. She looked down at the floor when his hand came up to brush her bright red cheek.

“You’re blushing,” he said.

And she was in love again.