Edge of the Falls by Nazarea Andrews is a story of choices. It’s a dystopian fairy tale retelling. (Yes, it’s that awesome.) Sabah, our beauty, was cast out into the Outside as a child. She’s been raised by an Exiled scientist and there are so many hidden secrets that, as she becomes a woman, come to light. Then a beast saves her life, and he intrigues her in every way.

Edge of the Falls by Nazarea Andrews book cover

From the very start we are in the mix of things, right into the world like we fell off the cliff into the falls. Everything fell into place exactly when it needed to, and not with excess exposition. The plot went so many different ways, but it was always headed for one goal. And wow did it end well. As far as last lines go, this is one of my favorites.

 There is a bit of sex. It is so perfectly casual that I didn’t even know it had really happened. It’s not something that is scandalous but is beautiful. I was so enjoying getting to know the world with the little bits and pieces she fed me. She really knows how to trust the reader. But oh all the typos and mistakes. As an editor, I simply couldn’t skip over those problems. Other than that, I fell in love with this book. I highly recommend it.

I received this book from the author for review.