Have you ever wondered if there’s such a thing as fate?

Are we destined to follow a certain path?

I’m not necessarily talking about God. I’m talking about a predetermined path that we will travel on through our lives. It could even be that there are choices (so we still have free will) but those choices are mapped out to infinity so that the roads we take lead to an alternate future that is already known.


Sorry if I’m getting too crazy here. Let’s apply it to stories.

Some characters have a fate. They are destined to fulfill a prophecy. (Harry Potter and Voldemort cannot survive while the other lives.)

The reason I’m thinking about all of this is because the other day I fell really hard on our stone stairs (I have the nastiest purple backside now). And just the night before I was noticing that I could probably lose a little of my butt with some exercise. I felt like it was fate that I was noticing how much padding I have and then using that padding the very next day.

I know it’s a silly story, but it got me thinking.

Do you think we are fated?