We learned some of the transform tools in the last week of the Illustrator class from Nicole’s Classes. But mostly the homework was to create a final project, something that used the skills learned throughout the month. Lately I’ve been wanting to update my brand…so that’s what I did!

But there is no big reveal here, because that brand isn’t finished. I’ll be revealing it at a later date when I’m fully satisfied with it. I’ll have a new logo, new business cards, and maybe even some swag that I can give away. My business is growing, and it’s time I caught up with that and presented a strong brand. It will include all of my areas of expertise: editing, photography, writing, and a bit of design. I’m even considering a professional Facebook page. Anybody have thoughts on that? How has your Facebook page treated you? Is it worth it?

Instead of my logo reveal, this was something I drew to practice with the transform tools. It’s a car that I will someday buy and turn into a drag racing car! Minis are so adorable, and I would be so kick-ass in a tiny, European car beating all the guys in their heavy American muscle.

WarpAnd a photo from my trip to Egypt that I used Image Trace on…