When I find inspiration, it comes in droves. As proved by my constant blog posting lately (where I hadn’t posted anything in months…). I picked up Emma Itäranta’s book Memory of Water the other day. The first sentence had me lying my Kindle on the table and picking up a pen and paper to begin my own novella. It had been nearly three months since I last wrote anything, and here I was suddenly inspired. I wrote all weekend.

When Monday rolled around, I worked on the novella more, I rewrote a blog post I want to submit somewhere, and then I proceeded to write a slew of posts for this blog. I’m pretty sure when I’m done writing these I’ll pick up my novella again to continue what I started.

I’m rather taken aback at this sudden motivation. I know that if I stay disciplined, I can make myself write something every day. I’ve finished three novels and a pile of short stories that way. I was home schooled in high school, so I know the meaning of self-motivation. I worked my way through college with two majors in only three and a half years. I know how to work hard. Now I’m a freelancer, so I need that personal drive even more.

But having let myself take a bit of a break from the writing, when I felt most down about it and considered only doing it for my eyes from now on, actually rejuvenated me. I’m ready to push through and get this novella done and submit it to a publisher who is looking for the exact story I’m writing. I guess I’ll see if this insane inspiration holds out.