I get the privilege of interviewing Jeff Goins today! His new book Wrecked is out and he’s touring blogs. So check out the interview and check out his book.
Wrecked by Jeff Goins book cover
Hi Jeff!
Let’s start off with a basic hello and who are you?
Hey there. My name’s Jeff, and I’m a writer. I believe words matter and that we are each put on this earth to help each other. Oh, and I love guacamole.

We’d like to get to know you a bit, but mostly we’d like to understand how you would react in certain situations. Your book Wrecked is about making the most of every situation. Let’s take that to its most basic level and see your standard reactions. I can’t play a game with you directly, but we can pretend.
So here’s your first scenario. If you’re playing Monopoly with some friends and one of them gets a hold of both Boardwalk and Park Place and all you have is the lowest value property, Mediterranean, what’s your defensive strategy?
Own that property and build on it as much as possible. Try to monopolize it with the hope that my opponent will land on it. Clean them out, or offer to swap properties. Then do the same thing with that.

Now if you are having a poker night with the guys and you know of the five guys at the table, three are bluffing, one is shaking his leg under the table and probably has nothing, and you have a low straight…what do you do? Do you up the bet or hold it steady?
Up the bet. 
Go for it. Go big or go home (insert any other clichés).

And lastly, chess. Chess is a strategic game. But there’s a lot involved. What is your basic strategy for a game of chess? Do you play on the offense and plan your steps three in advance, or are you on the defense and try to figure out your opponent’s moves and counter them?
Come out strong and try to get a checkmate in the first five moves (it’s possible). Depending on how the opponent reacts, I’ll be able to tell really quickly whether or not they’re a pro (or just lucky).

Hopefully we get to know more about who you are by playing these little games. Anything else about yourself or your new book we should know?
Sure. My new book, Wrecked, is about the life we’re afraid to live. It’s about finding purpose in the least likely of places. We think life is about our comfort; it’s not. It’s about serving others.