I’ve come a long way this year, from working full time for an engineering company to dropping to part time and then leaving entirely to freelance as an editor (my dream!).

I’ve read 66 books and written most of a novel along with multiple short stories and blog posts.

I am participating in the classics challenge by November’s Autumn and have 3 classics to go. I’m running my own challenge to revamp original fairy tales (speaking of, I start reading Robin Hood next month, who’s with me?).

I’ve moved to Belgium and traveled to Egypt, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, and England. I’ll be going to France to snowboard in December and who knows where else.

I consider myself a pretty well-rounded person. I like who I am. But I want to continue growing and learning. I always want to become better. I’m turning 26 in a little over a month. I would love to have a set of goals lined up for the coming year. Should I be cliche and do the 27 Things Before I Turn 27? (Ugh, 27 sounds so old.) Have any ideas for what goals I should reach?