The internet used to be a creepy thing where if you met people they were just scumbags who would steal your identity and if they wanted to meet you in person it meant they wanted to rape you and then skin you alive, or something like that. But in the last two years I have traveled to various places to meet with three different online friends, and every experience has been sublime.

First there was Christine in München.
Then Hanna in Oklahoma.
And this week I went to Zürich to meet Jessica Bell.
It was just for an afternoon, but I had a really wonderful time. I spent the afternoon with Jessica’s sister and then we went to dinner at a swank vegetarian restaurant. I find it a real privilege to have these opportunities. The world doesn’t seem as big as it used to when I can meet three people from around the globe all in quick, easy trips.

On a side note, here is a picture of the mug Hanna made for Jessica for the Random Act of Kindness blitz. It’s now in the mail!