To continue the adventure…

We drove to Heilbronn to get a part for the Porsche on Friday night. It’s about a half-an-hour away. Sad thing was, when we got there and looked at the distributor cap, it looked the same as the one we had only cleaner. So we were 98% sure it wouldn’t fix the car. We went to Ikea. Put it on the car. No luck.

So we shopped for a few other things we needed, and we filled up the van we had driven so we didn’t have to come back to Ikea more than once. On the up side, we have furniture now! On the down side, we called a tow truck. But it gets worse from there.

The car was in the parking garage, and tow trucks don’t fit in parking garages. So with me steering, and making car noises, and Albert pushing we rolled through the garage. Thank God their exit is a big curly cue thing that I could just coast down. We got down to the outdoor parking lot and a nice German guy thought he could help us. I tried to explain that we knew what was wrong, but he didn’t speak a lick of English and I don’t speak car in German. He checked it out, asked if we had called for a tow, and we said thanks very much.

The tow truck got the car and followed us home. But our street is tiny. So they stopped at the beginning and took the car off. Another plus, it was cheap! Even cheaper than getting a locksmith to let us into our apartment. But then we had to push the car down our road. Which is ok, except it dips down and then has a slight incline for like 100 feet before our garage. Our neighbors have a driveway that is up, ours is down. Gotta keep looking at the positive here. We finally got it up to the garage and in, it’s a tad crooked but that’s ok.

Then, our poor muscles had to deal with a little more because we needed to unload the furniture. But we have furniture now! And I can unpack our suitcases!

We were sorely wishing for a hot tub that night. But the car is home and everything is settled. And I have furniture!