The day dawned sunny. Waking with sunshine on my face, tea in my cup, and Pride and Prejudice on my mind, I couldn’t help but sigh. Two hundred years ago today Jane Austen woke and realized her second, and little did she know most famous, novel was officially published. I can just imagine her holding the first copy, running her hands over the weave, smelling the ink and paper, and smiling, just a little.

Pride and Prejudice books and tea cup

I’m doing the same today, only in the 21st century and therefore on my kindle. I’ve got my cup of a tea and some biscuits, and I’m digging in and reading the whole novel today. Her turn of phrase is making me giggle every few lines. I simply want to slap Lizzy’s mother. Oh how I swoon over Mr. Darcy and his prideful ways.

Jane, you are such an inspiration. I hope I can be as honest and candid in my own writing. Perhaps 200 years from now someone will be reading my work alongside yours.

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