I’m sure the idea of working with an editor on your baby is a bit daunting. You don’t want to hand your precious art to someone and let them rip it apart with their jagged teeth. But don’t worry, it’s not that bad. I promise.
I’ll give you a little insight into how I work, maybe that will put you at ease.

The First Read Through

Editing Amie McCrackenOnce your manuscript has passed through acquisitions and is finally assigned to me, I’ll take it on my e-reader and do a complete read through for the overall concept, getting a taste. I’ll write notes as I go and then pass on a letter to you. During this read, I’m contemplating character arc, timeline and pacing, and the big picture. I like to gnaw on the thing as a whole before I start to digest. We’ll delve into the little stuff later.

The Second Edit

This time around, after I’ve received your updates from the first read through, I’ll go through with a fine tooth comb and rip to shreds…sorry, I mean carefully fine tune your work. This means I look at the arc in each scene as well as spelling and grammar mistakes as I go. This is when it gets bloody. We might need to cut a character or change who they are. I particularly enjoy when I get to delete line after line after…I’m sorry, where was I?

The Final Read

This third time, after we have carefully polished your manuscript, I’m pretty much just checking the changes you made after the second edit. Then I’ll send it off to copy editing, who will proofread it. See? Not that bad after all. *licks blood from her fingers*
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