It’s time for another…original fairy tale!

I’m reading Cinderella this month and writing a short story to post next month on July 10th. You are welcome to join in. Just read the original of your favorite fairy tale and then blog about it or write your own short story rendition.

Cinderella is rather fun because I’ve already read Confessions of and Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire for my book club last month. Now I’ve plowed through two original versions by Charles Perrault and Henry Hewett. And just to add to the fun I’m going to read Cinder by Marissa Meyer which is a futuristic version of Cinderella with a cyborg. I’ve also read Cinders by Michelle Davidson Argyle which is no longer in print because it’s becoming part of a fairy tale trilogy! That’s a lot of re-imaginings of Cinderella. Have you read any?