Yet another Pinterest project…I’m slightly addicted. I am making a big wooden map. The first set of wood I got was too small for the wall I intended the map for, so instead I found how to make my own chalkboard paint and also saw an idea for using clips to hang photos on a board. So here is the process in photos:

These were wood slats that puzzle piece together (wow, I’m sure there’s a better technical term for that) and I just used wood glue.

Then I used 1 Tablespoon of unsanded grout mixed per 1/2 cup of acrylic paint. I painted twice, sanded, and painted a third time with regular paint. Play around with how many times you want to paint for different looks.


Last coat of paint. After this you will need to slate the board by rubbing chalk all over it and then wiping that gently with a damp cloth.

In a random pattern (I suppose a pattern isn’t random…hmmm) I screwed clips into the wood.

And now I have photos of all my friends and family and I can draw around them and make silly comments and just have fun.

It looks great in my kitchen since I used the same gray paint on my accent wall and on the stripes on my backsplash. I’ll post photos of the whole apartment, just waiting on a few more things to make it look finished.