I found this tutorial on A la Mode Stuff a while back and planned to use it on some products. But then it just became a home project for my dining room wall. Here’s how I did it with photos of the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, and Big Ben.

Print out the photos you want. If they have words or something recognizable (like the Statue of Liberty’s right hand) make sure and flip them. (I didn’t, but we’re a left-handed family so a left-handed Statue of Liberty is fine with me.)


You’ll need canvas, the print-outs, mod podge, and a sponge brush. Glue the print-outs to the canvas ink down with the mod podge.


Smooth the wrinkles out and cover the pictures with something heavy. Let them dry.


Then slightly dampen the paper and pull it off.


You’ll need to rub most of the paper off with your finger. I left some of the paper, and even scraped some of the ink off, to make them look old.


The three with the paper scraped off. It makes quite a mess.


I rubbed a wet black teabag around the edges and in the holes. It made them look like old oil paintings. It doesn’t really match my other decor, and I wish I had left them white. Maybe I’ll do them again at some point.