All those movies, the ones about people pursuing their life’s dream, the one thing that makes their heart beat faster, those movies are a bit of a downer for everyone who doesn’t know what they crave.

You can’t call someone a workaholic when they are pursuing their passion. It’s just not right. If they love what they are doing, they will do it all the time. Anyone who actually knows what they want to be doing, what they dream of and wish for, they should be applauded.

Jane Austen writing desk quill inkpot bathed in sunshine

But if you’re one of those people who hasn’t found that niche yet, keep trying.

I’m officially a freelancer

As of April 1st, I took hold of my destiny (that word is a bit strong but oh well). I became a full time freelance editor. And let me tell you, it is heaven. Now when I watch those movies – Soul Surfer, Save the Last Dance, Coyote Ugly (hmm, they tend to be aimed at girls…) – I don’t feel this sense of emptiness. I can watch and enjoy and breath deep because I feel the same way.
Now that I’m on my own time (and trust me, it took a lot of work to get here and I still don’t have enough work to support my book-reading habits), I can follow my callings. Notice the ‘s.’ I have a few, though they may be related. I’m an editor, writer, photographer, book reader and reviewer, thinker, doer, immature geek, wife, daughter…the same as everyone, I am a lot of things. But now I get to dedicate my time to those things in the ways I wish.

I’m not meaning this post to somehow make you jealous (are you?). I want to share the utter giddiness and joy I have at doing what I am meant to do.