Have you ever tried to write a novel? Did you hit somewhere around 10,000 words and then get stuck? That was me for the longest time. It took a lot of starts and stops for me to finally get a full novel written; now I have three. My friend Charlie at Urban Writers’ Retreat saw the problem and came up with a solution–the Six Month Novel. Then she talked to me about this idea and how she needed an editor to help her out with it, a partner to make the whole thing work. The plan was born.


For the past six months we’ve been running our test run of the Six Month Novel. It has gone fantastically. The first month was a plotting bootcamp to help the novelers nail down their ideas; the following four months of writing were filled with cheerleading on our end and a rollercoaster of elation and despair on the novelers’ end; the final month was an editing bootcamp to teach the novelers how to move forward with their first drafts. What an incredible six months, let me tell you.


And starting today we want to invite anyone to join us on an Idea Development Challenge. For free, we will provide you with worksheets to help you choose and develop ideas for a novel. It’s 10 days of 10 minute challenges. We would really love for you to join in.


You can sign up here: www.sixmonthnovel.com

You can also join the Facebook group.

At the end of the challenge you will have a chance to win a spot on our next Six Month Novel, which is starting October 6, 2014!