The Light and Fallen by Anna White is a young adult paranormal romance about angels and high school and lost things. Lucius is an angel who is sent to earth to find a lost key, and he ends up in a seventeen-year-old body. He meets Samara and is instantly drawn to her. But Jack, one of the fallen angels, wants her for himself.

The Light and Fallen by Anna White book cover

This book was a very fast read. I enjoyed how easy and fun it was. That doesn’t mean uncomplicated, because the plot was pretty thick. As the story progressed I thought I knew what the key was, then I started to doubt, but I was right in the end. It wasn’t that the story was simple to figure out, it was more that Anna took the readers on a journey where we didn’t quite expect and then it meandered back to the more expected path and then she hit us with a big surprise in the end.

At times the love was sappy and silly, but at other times I really felt deeply for the characters. I certainly connected with them. The one problem I had was that a lot of the ideas felt cliche. It seems that young adult has become like romance fiction where they follow a specific path and don’t deviate – Samara’s parents aren’t really part of her life, she falls in love with an angel and has a dark angel vying for her attention. It’s good because the reader feels comfortable, but personally I’m looking for more. The one thing that stood out for me was that she stood up for herself. She wasn’t some silly little girl who had to be saved.

I received this book from the author for review.