Since I shared with you all what I’m reading on the side of the blog…I might as well tell you about it when I’m done!

The Outlaws of Sherwood, hmmm. I absolutely love Robin McKinley’s storytelling. Her book Beauty is one of my favorites, and I could read it constantly and never get bored. But Outlaws kind of bored me. It felt thick and sluggish. It’s a fun story, but I wanted more. More action, more romance, more something. It seemed as though the outlaws of Sherwood just sat around waiting for things to happen and the best part came in the last 20 pages. I wouldn’t have minded more back story as she has Robin and Marian being childhood friends. And I wouldn’t mind a kiss or two between them. It lacked spark. But on the other hand she still has a beautiful way with words, and I won’t stop reading her books because of this one. It really made me want to watch the Disney version of Robin Hood!