The Sun Zebra by R. Garcia is a collection of stories told by a father about his young daughter and their daily antics. Five stories about extraordinary circumstances and the meaning behind them.

Garcia’s writing captures the reader. I was drawn right into the story and was surprised with the outcome. The family connection I felt was strong but very natural. The characters felt real, flawed, beautiful, and surprising.

The Sun Zebra by R. Garcia book cover

The stories were a little bit too soap-boxy. The morals were point blank told to the reader. Granted, there was a lot of showing, a lot of stark, sweet moments, but the telling would creep back in and I was honestly frustrated. The stories touched me; they hit a nerve, but they would have snuck even deeper into my heart and mind if I was left thinking about them instead of being told what to think.

One note about the cover art: stunning, simply stunning.

R. Garcia parodied Poe in a very clever way. He showed what it’s like to have the mind of a child. I really can’t wait for more from this author. In the end, the stories were thoroughly enjoyable. I never wanted to stop reading, and I was left with a smile on my face.

I received this book from the author for review.