Still working on the background of who you are, I want to hear about your teenage years. Supposedly they are the most tumultuous times of our lives. I don’t entirely agree; mine were extremely fun. Yes I went through some hard stuff, but that happens every year of my life.

Three things about…
your teenage years.
1.    I played a lot of (American) football with my friends.
2.    I studied the bible, extensively. Now I just treat that as added knowledge. I’m not a crazy religious. But I feel like I understand myself because of all that God study when I was going through the ‘tough’ years.
3.    I home schooled…but I’m not one of those weird anti-social types. You wouldn’t know it if you met me. It just gave me a sense of purpose in life and the ability to work well on my own. I graduated a year early and then did college in three and a half years. I have a crazy work ethic, but that comes from my dad not home schooling.
So please add your own blog post to the linky below, or tell me in the comments about yourself!