First off, thank you so much to everyone who came and commented on my rainy day post yesterday. And thanks to Christine at The Writer’s Hole for hosting it! I would email you all back about your comments, but my system stopped working (conveniently during a blogfest). So I will be setting up a new comment system and also try and get in touch with you in other ways.

Now, Three Things Thursday. I want to know about the pets you’ve had. Whether that’s as a child or now.

Three things about…
the pets you’ve had.

1.    I kill fish. They just can’t survive around me. Unless of course there is another person that counteracts my deathly presence. My friend/roommate in college kept our fish alive by being her bubbly, happy self.
2.    I’ve had horses my whole life. Muddy, Hereford, Gambler, Mouse, Wrangler (he was actually mine), Bob (mine too), and Mickey (definitely mine, although my whole family has shown him at one time or another). Mickey is the best horse ever.
3.    My first real pet of my own was my dog Buddy. I begged and begged for a dog, including sending a letter to my parents from an anonymous source stating why Amie needed and deserved a pet. He stayed in Colorado because that’s his home, but I miss him so much.
Either add your link here or tell me in the comments about your pets!