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For this week’s Three Things Thursday I thought I would try to tie in with the travel journal I am sending to my mother from Katie at Gadanke. So we’re going to talk about where we travel in our dreams. Literal dreams, not figurative.

Three things about…
Day 13

 what you dream.

1.    Usually my dreams don’t get vivid and memorable unless I have woken up around dawn and fallen back asleep. You know those half-awake dreams? Those are my strongest ones. My mind is working, but my body is not acknowledging it so the dreams tend to be some story or invention I’m thinking up. For example: the other night I dreamt about making interactive history books with the e-readers. I’m looking at e-readers right now, and apparently I came up with my millionaire idea while I was sleeping.
2.    I do have nightmares. They are caused by scary movies. Hence, I don’t watch scary movies very often. I actually used to sleep-walk every time I had a nightmare. Strange thing is, that happened multiple times at my grandparent’s house. My grandpa always had cable (and my parents didn’t) so I think I was sucked into watching movies that I wouldn’t normally see. Or maybe the house was possessed and made me sleep-walk, no idea.
3.    One of my recurring dreams from my childhood is still stuck in my head. It makes absolutely no sense and has to do with a warehouse and Sesame Street characters. Oh, and seals and cars. Yeah, see what I mean? But another from my childhood (I vividly remember these two) was with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I was kind of a tomboy; my mom even bought me TMNT boys underwear.

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