Do you love your family? I do. Sometimes I get sick of them, but that’s just because I’m an introvert and two weeks of constant people tires me out. But I love them so much. Since I just spent those two weeks in Colorado with my family, I thought family would be an appropriate Three Things topic.

Three things about…
your family.
(From left: Brother-in-law’s parents; Albert holding Sam; Dad and Mom; Kelli holding baby Ella and brother-in-law A.J.; and Sadie the dog.)

1.    My immediate family is very close. Sometimes we bicker, and grumble, and complain about each other, but we are rather tight. I stayed in Colorado for college and worked for my dad through and after. My sister moved away for college and stayed away a while until my dad hired her as a manager. Family business through and through. We all lived in our little home town and probably will for a long time if/when Albert and I move back.
2.    My mother is a big mother bear. She likes to take care of all of us. When something is wrong she either comforts us or tells us to get up and do something about it. She’s wonderful.
3.    My dad is quiet. He works so hard. It makes me tired just thinking about everything he does. He’s a veterinarian but he takes care of the house and the animals in all of his free time.

Tell me three things about your family either in the comments or link your own blog post into the linky below.