What is your favorite season? There are aspects of each that I like: late nights in the summer, green and flowers in spring, crisp weather in fall, but I love winter.

Three things about…
your favorite season.

1.    I am in love with winter. I get to bundle up. In the summer you can only take so many clothes off, but in the winter you can always put more on! Plus the hot drinks and the fires. It’s all so cozy when it’s snowing outside. And the way my face looks with rosy cheeks and nose is just ten times better than covered in sweat and flushed.
2.    How many sports do I dare name here…ice skating, snowboarding, crunching the snow with boots (ok, not a sport), snow shoeing, skiing, sledding…I love it all.
3.    The snow, oh the snow. In Colorado it’s beautiful because we get snow and sunshine, not so much in Germany. We get the snow. And gray clouds. It’s still beautiful when I look out my window and see fat flakes drifting their way to the ground and covering the branches of the trees. Like my own personal wonderland sitting just outside while I sit inside with a blanket and good book.

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