What do you think about your face? Do you have some pieces that you love and others that you could change? Overall, I like my face. I’m not the type to have lots of mirrors in the house or to do fancy make-up, so I don’t look at it very often. So tell me three things about your face. You can be positive or negative, do with it what you want. For you writers out there here’s a chance to really play with three things Thursday.

Three things about…
your face.

1.    My eyes. When I wear red they are stunningly blue. And when my hair was dyed red they were Caribbean blue all the time. I like to hope that when I’m truly happy they get a little glint just on the right corner of each pupil. Oh, that reminds me, one of my pupils is larger. It looks strange.
2.    My cheeks are way too chubby. I should have lost that by now, right? With my hair up they look skinnier. If I could just slim them down I would be happier to stare into mirrors…or not.
3.    My nose is adorably cute. But it’s so small that sometimes I just can’t breath. But it’s cute. I think my nieces’ button noses look like mine. People have even said the newborn, Ella, looks like me! That freckle is like a family member. If I woke up one day and didn’t see it there I think I would have a heart attack.

Tell me your three things in the comments or leave a link to your own blog post.