Torbrek…and the Dragon Variation by Lexi Revellian is such a refreshing story. The characters are very natural, the idea of dragons living among people is normal, and the dialogue is superb.

It’s a story about a girl, raised to fight like a man, and accepted into the rebel army as one. She is chosen by a dragon to be his master. Come to find out she’s the enemy’s granddaughter, and the plot just thickens.

The world was strong enough that I didn’t falter when the main character, Tor, happened upon a dragon and had a conversation with him. It was all so natural. The villain, Skardroft, Tor’s grandfather and tyrant, is eloquent. He has planted trees in his city to make it more beautiful. I found that a very redeeming quality. His relationship with Tor is strange but makes sense. They are mortal enemies, and relatives, but they seem able to keep it separated and neither hate nor love each other.

When everyone finds out she is a girl, it’s not that big of a deal. I suppose it never was that insane considering some people already figured it out, but I wanted more tension.

Other than that the grip of the story was perfect. Things aren’t always perfect. The only people who can save the rebels don’t agree at first to help them. One of the love stories doesn’t turn out as hoped. Overall, the story has such a realistic aspect among all the fantasy that it really was a pleasure to get lost in.