When I said last Sunday was a book-reading day I should have waited until this week. It snowed again yesterday and because of the German world being closed on Sundays, I am on the couch with tea and some books. Let’s see, Albert and I just finished The Hobbit, lovely classic. I’m also reading Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon. Her series of historical fiction books astound me because they are all one thousand pages long and never bore me. At this point there are eight of them, and the series is not finished.

I’m also looking through a German cookbook my sister bought me. I need to plan some meals for when my family comes out here for two weeks. (I’m not much of a cooker, but let’s keep that between us.) Alongside that I’m studying English Grammar for Students of German. I understand English grammar, but I like how this book explains the German grammar in a way I can understand. And lastly I’m perusing a German culture book. So far I’ve already seen a lot of what this book talks about, but I would like to understand the country and the people since I live here.

Time to make some more tea and switch books.