The winner of the give-away is Jennifer with Wearable By Design! Check out her shop (just click the link), she has some beautiful stuff. Thanks so much for playing everyone. It seems that everyone really loved Little Brown Bird‘s clutch and it actually sold on Tuesday!

Some news:

You all didn’t give me very comprehensive information on whether or not you liked to have a response to your comments. Frustrating, and why I’m opening the poll again. More research is needed! There were 5 votes for a response in the comments; 4 votes for a response in e-mail; and 4 votes for no response at all. At least I know you don’t want to see responses in the blog posts! Knocked out one choice. The poll is open again for another two weeks with the narrowed down answers. Feel free to vote again. But for now I have decided to respond in the comments unless it is something I specifically need to respond about and then I’ll e-mail.

Oh wow, I’m drawing a blank. I think I forgot my other news. Forgive the craziness, my mind is in a million places right now. We’re having a poker party tomorrow night and I need to clean, but I’m also thinking about what I am blogging next week and trying to get over my sore throat. Ahhh!

So I guess, have a good weekend!