Last year Susan Kaye Quinn released her Debt Collector serial. Nine episodes of emotional roller coasters in a brand new world where your life is on the open market, not your money. And this month she started the second series. I’m chomping at the bit for more after reading the first one.

If you’re looking for complete immersion into a world, for that feeling of being someplace else entirely, then Debt Collector is my definite recommendation. Susan Kaye Quinn is an incredible writer capable of building a world so complete and so intense that I didn’t even remember I was sitting in this world at all. I felt her world around me, tasted the acrid pollution, saw the flashes of light when the collector gathered time. I never want to stop reading these serials.

Debt Collector Wraith by Susan Kaye Quinn
My one issue with this new character, Wraith, is that near the middle of this issue she turned into a mix of Batman and Ironman. She has two characters near and dear to her that resemble those in Batman and Ironman. She’s the rich orphan who has a genius making cool things for her. And she’s the rich orphan who has an amazing assistant she doesn’t entirely deserve. While those characters had their own personalities (which redeemed the story a little) and the main character is definitely not anything like Batman or Ironman in other ways, that similarity threw me off for a few pages. But then I just dove right back in.

The twists and turns are unexpected and surprising, which is exactly as it should be. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next one…and the next…and the next…