Wright for America by Robin Lamont is a thriller and a political statement and a personal story all wrapped up in one. The reader follows a radio host who is full of himself, a young actress sticking up for her twin brother, and an FBI agent who has fallen in love with the woman he is tailing. The twists and turns take the reader to unexpected places.

Wright for American by Robin Lamont book cover
The book started out with a topic I was not expecting. The radio host, Pryor Wright, is an extreme republican. And by extreme I mean goading his listeners on to take their anger out on those they disagree with. Then a few chapters in there was a hospital scene between Maren and her twin brother, who was attacked by some of Wright’s listeners simply for being gay, and I fell in love with the characters.

At the beginning the twists and surprises all felt trite and obvious. Wright was an easy villain with nothing to love. But at the end, everything culminated in a wonderful catastrophe and each twist went somewhere completely unexpected.

This book really made me think. Robin never forced her ideals on my, she just introduced them and let them simmer in my mind for a bit.

I received this book from the author for review.