I like to write on my walls. My friends and I put bible quotes on all our walls when we were teenagers (we even had a legit business name of The Writing on the Wall). At our last German apartment I filled a whole wall with Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice quotes. And at this one we had a blank wall across from our bed. I wanted something that we could wake up to; something that would remind us of our relationship and who we are (is that extremely sappy?). Anyways, Albert picked this song lyric, and I went crazy with it.


I use twine and masking tape to make a level line.


Then I take the font I want and pencil it onto the wall. You could also project it onto the wall or stencil it, however you wish. I think freehand gives a bit of flair.


It takes a bit of finesse with the pencil to make sure you have the letters all the right size and spaced evenly. I usually start in the middle and work out.


But then the hard part is over and you just paint over the pencil. I added the flourish because the wall looked sad without it.



Then I also added a piece of wood with some of our self portraits from around the world (it’s our thing so we’re always having to decline when someone offers to take our photo in front of some monument, it’s awkward).


I put the photos on the wood so they stuck out from the wall. You could use foam board too.

What do you think?